The Whimsy Art of TJ Lubrano

I’m TJ! I'm an artist & illustrator that creates art and design for the ones that craaaa-ave magical characters and gorgeously dreamy adventures. I love colours, happiness and smiles. Oh and food, too. Whether my paintings are for a wedding or a nursery room, I guarantee you that it's a feast for the eyes and happiness for the heart! 

So make yourself at home and browse around. Read the latest on my blog or stare at my portfolio for some inspiration for your next piece. Want to know more about me? Click on my face on the left.

You can also just click on the images below and you'll be transported to pretty places!

Enjoy your stay and if you have questions or want to work together, don't be shy! I'm just an e-mail away!

xo, TJ

My Etsy has a selection of cute Fandom goodies, Original (but affordable) art and dreamy bookmarks up for grabs! Make sure to grab what you want!

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"Viewing your work is like taking a deep, cleansing, empowering breath of impossibly-fresh air, my friend." - The Hook, writer at You've Been Hooked.

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